Monday, June 11, 2007

Live and Learn then get... Love?

The weekend adventure on the lake was one to remember. Let me see if I can recite it...

  1. Got to the lake (20 minutes from the house) and realized I forgot the boat key
  2. Dispatched a friend to retrieve the key but he had some issues finding the lake

  3. Tried to blow up the tube with a new, extremely cheap, air pump from China which brok my AC plug in my boat

  4. Got out on the water which was fun for a few hours tubing and swimming

  5. Tube rope went under the boat and got tangled in one of the major boat rods underneath the boat
  6. Spent the next 2 hours trying to fix the entanglement while we were drifting far away from other people/boats
  7. Ended up calling 911 and finally getting a call back from water patrol

  8. Water patrol then broke down which caused a 2.5 hour delay while they got towed back
  9. Water patrol finally reached us and towed us to another ramp 30 minutes from the ramp our cars we located at

  10. After we were dropped near the new boat ramp, patrol then boated one of us back to the original ramp to drive to the new ramp
  11. Once the truck arrived at the new ramp we then attempted to pull the boat out of the water without use of the engine
  12. Once returning home, 6 hours after we first realized we had a problem, I then realized i left one of the snap-in seats in the boat and it flew off during tow back to the house
  13. Then I walked into my house and found my dog had eaten the sofa
Fun/interesting/terrible weekend to remember!



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